Element 502 Branding guide

Brand guidelines

Your brand is much, much more than a logo – it is the core of your business. We help organizations develop a brand identity using the right tools and techniques for your individual needs.

Re-Branding projects require exploration, moving past a logo and really creating something that earns audience loyalty. Read more in our branding guide.

What is Branding?

Simply put, branding Is Eyes On You. Unfortunately, often times branding is about as neglected as SEO or the quality of a well designed and structured website. That’s why today we have new job positions of Digital Strategists, Brand Managers, and Web Architects. Sometimes these folks may be referred to as Full Stack Designers or even Marketers. Then again, maybe I’m using fancy words, again. It’s weird times we live in.

Truth is, for your brand, you have to have a strategy to capture attention.