SEO Starter Kit

SEO Starter Kit

Search engine rankings are only as good as a great website setup and online content quality. This SEO starter kit will provide you with an audit and roadmap to boost your site’s rankings. We look at the key technical factors on your website and provide actionable steps to optimize them for improved rankings.

What you can expect: SEO Best Practices Guideline

Audit: Security – basic review, malware detection.

Full SEO Audit for 2 pages on your site (homepage + 1 other one).

Audit: Performance – page speed, page size, code optimization.

Audit: Social – detectable social activity connected to website.

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Recommendations for any issues detected in the audit.

Audit: UI & Mobile – responsive, mobile-friendly tech.

Consultation call to go over audit recommendations & guidelines.

Custom analysis from your SEO expert, provided in detail.

What we need from you:

Home page of your website

A second page on your website

Frequency Asked Questions

We provide you recommendations for SEO fixes. We offer a Managed WordPress retainer/hosting that can fix some on-page issues. There is also an On-Page SEO retainer that will fix others and an Off-Page SEO retainer that can help with backlink and domain issues.

The consultation call will be schedule after the audit is performed to go over recommendations and SEO best practices so you can make sure to make your site search engine optimized moving forward!

No, you do not need to purchase this starter kit if you want our on-page SEO service. This kit is designed to help you get your SEO strategy started. The rest is up to you to hire us for fixing all your issues for you.